We design, develop and implement bespoke apps & software for global brands

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We're a full service software development studio with inflexible standards and a desire to truly understand our clients business. Our mission is to strategise develop and implement software solutions that enable businesses to operate, communicate and engage more efficiently.

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Digital Strategy

All successful platforms start from a well structured strategy. We will work with you to understand your business, goals, requirements, target audience and values amongst many other metrics. This knowledge will help us to work with you to create the strategy from which will form the platform approach and in some cases, your new organisation digital strategy. The app is just the beginning, we plan for organisational growth through leveraging your new digital capabilities - playing to your strengths and strategising around your weaknesses for optimal performance.

PWA Development

By harnessing the power of Angular and React, we develop Progressive Web Apps that look, feel and behave like a truly native app, but that run in your browser (I know, cool huh). These apps are ideal for those looking for a capable cross platform solution that can run on any device.

Web App Development

We use the latest in web frameworks to deliver incredibly capable and dynamic platforms for the web.

Custom API Development

We create fully bespoke API's powered by the latest PHP frameworks to ensure your product is working at maximum efficiency. All our API's are test driven (to ensure the highest stability standards) and documented with longterm stability and minimum required maintenance in mind.

We also create custom API integrations for ...connecting platfor

Custom CMS Development

As our work results in fully bespoke platforms, each product has different requirements from an administration point of view. We work with you to understand what data is meaningful to you - this then allows us to create the CMS, reports, actions etc to meet your exact specification.

Native iOS & Android App Development

Native apps give an unrivalled experience for users, especially for consumer facing products that require a lot of animation and complex graphic intensive screens. We develop highly polished bespoke native apps for iOS & Android that focus on optimal UX and beautifully functional UI's.

Support & Maintenance

All apps require a little TLC to ensure the user is getting the best experience and you are getting the best performance. We work with our clients on an ongoing basis after the initial release to structure your product roadmap and ensure the platform is cared for so you can get on with what you do best without worrying about your platform.

UI/UX Design

Designing a digital product is more than a pretty interface. By putting form and function as equal priority, we are able to produce truly simple to use platforms that solve complex problems for users. We use robust data driven design practices that put the needs of your business and your user base at the heart of the process. We keep you included on every step of the design journey from initial exploration workshops through to the working prototypes.

Magento & Shopify Powered Apps

Through harnessing the power of existing storefront platforms we are able to tap into their API's in order to power your app. This means we are able to use your existing Magento or Shopify store to power your new app and create a truly unique experience for your customers.

We help you to push your digital boundaries so you remain competitive, stay relevant, and meet customers’ needs

Thinking beyond the app

An app is only effective if the strategy and support is equal priority. We care about our work, and so we will work with you to understand not only how to get to launch day, but also what happens after.

Forever the early adopters

Technology changes regularly and often gifts us with some new fancy toys to play with. We stay on the cutting edge to help you understand what is possible and what is coming that is worth keeping our eye on!

An extension of your team

Immersion is one of our founding principles. We act as an extension of your team - this allows us to do our job much more efficiently along with encouraging collaboration and relationship building.

From Discovery to Deployment & Beyond

We prefer to work with our clients on a long term basis to ensure that you get the best out of your time with us, and to ensure that we have the time to effectively ship and maintain your product, along with implement and monitor the progress of the strategy.

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