Hi, we're a Liverpool App Development Agency

Here at PixelBeard, we love to support local businesses as they adapt and innovate with the changes in their industry. The Liverpool scene is a resilient and diverse collective of businesses and we're here to support our city to remain on top of the UK tech sector.

Mobile App Development Types

Mobile apps come in many different forms. Our in house team based in liverpool create apps across native, hybrid and web environments. We can help you to understand what kind of app is best for your business and support you thoughout the development process.

Flutter App Development

Flutter is a hybrid app framework that creates apps from a single codebase. this platform is a great solution for most apps as it creates near native performance in around 40% less time than traditional native app development.

iOS App Development

When it comes to high performing apps, there is no better solution than a native iOS app. Native iOS apps are created using Swift to create beautiful and highly functional native apps with extremely high performance. Native app development is handled by our in house team based in Liverpool.

Android App Development

Much like Native iOS, Native Android development is a high performance method of android app development. Native Android apps are created using the Kotlin framework and again much like native iOS, Kotlin is ideal for apps that require high levels of performance. Examples of high performance apps are but not limited to, games, heavily integrated apps and 3d heavy apps.