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Helping the UKs biggest supermarket understand, implement and grow an ASO strategy across their suite of apps

Tesco Clubcard app store optimisation, ASO was provided by Liverpool based app agency PixelBeard.

The Challenge

To help Tesco execute a programme of consolidation across its suite of apps.

Tesco were undergoing a fundamental repositioning of its suite of apps which was all focused around the decommissioning and consolidation of the Tesco Clubcard app features into the Tesco Groceries application. Tesco turned to us to implement an ASO strategy for the first time in Tesco's history that included collaboration with the wider Tesco teams including engineering and marketing departments.

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The Process

Understanding and building a strategy

The goal was simple, the path to the end was not - Tesco required the decommissioning of the Clubcard app (which was gaining thousands of users a day in the height of covid) and migration of its user base over to the primary Tesco app.

Along with this goal, we identified many areas of improvement across the wider Tesco suite that would all work in harmony to bring us closer to our end goal. We begun integrating ourselves in with the Tesco engineering and marketing teams to understand their biggest challenges before generating a multi prongued approach.

Tesco supermarket mobile app and software development by Liverpool based app developers and app designers PixelBeard.

The Execution

Some of our key activities

  • Management of multiple app ASO strategies including Tesco Grocery & Clubcard, Tesco Clubcard, Tesco Pay + and Tesco Bank
  • Planning and Implementation of video previews
  • Reactive and strategic keyword strategies that are platform specific
  • Multiple marketing campaign synchronisations to keep messaging consistent
  • Simultaneously reducing the Clubcard apps keyword dominance whilst building of the Tesco Grocery & Clubcard apps keyword dominance
  • Successful management and execution of multiple ASO focused consolidation programmes across Clubcard, Pay + And Grocery

The Results

25.6% Conversion Rate Increase

Upon the implementation and optimisation of our ASO strategy, we saw a fairly rapid and sustained growth in conversion rate by over 25% for the Tesco Grocery & Clubcard app

Climbed to rank #1 for "Clubcard" keyword ranking for Tesco Groceries App

The primary goal of the project was to build the Tesco Groceries & Clubcard app up in keyword dominance to take over the Clubcard app once the time come to depreciate it. We achieved this goal with the Tesco Grocery & Clubcard app now sitting stably in the #1 spot for this and related keywords across Android & iOS

Optimised use of ASO across the Tesco Ogranisation

Tesco are now utilising a fully synchronised ASO strategy across the suite of apps. Everything from Tesco Bank to Tesco Groceries & Clubcard is now optimised to take full advantage of an ongoing ASO programme

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