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Empowering retail staff through education & rewarding with PlayStation products

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The Challenge

To create a scalable platform to encourage retail staff engagement and education

PlayStation approached us in a time of crisis for the PSBA platform. The company running the platform had just gone into administration and they needed another set of capable hands to take over where they left off.

Our first challenge was to adopt their current platform, which at this stage was several years old and underperforming on their goals with the programme. After an audit, we mutually agreed that a rebuild on the foundations of the existing platform would enable us to get much closer to solving the goals of the programme within the best timeframe - whilst being scalable.

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The Process

Redesigned from the ground up

Our design process was focused around usability and accessibility - one of the primary issues with the first product was its ease of use which was limiting the enjoyability of interacting with the app. To achieve a better overall experience for the user, we went back to the drawing board and completely remapped out the entire system architecture to focus more on ease of navigation and drive an emphasis on the education modules.

Sony Playstation PSBA Dashboard. Software built by PixelBeard, Liverpool app designers and developers.

The product

A platform that is scalable and adaptable

The PSBA platform contained several parts, an iOS app, Android app, web app and fully bespoke CMS.

Project Highlights

Training Modules

A fully interactive training feature for web and mobile app that allowed users to read training materials, complete training modules in a quiz style format and rewarding them with XP points for their efforts on the platform.

Gamification through XP Point System

We created an XP syetem that allowed the user to collect points for completion of training modules. These points could then be redeemed for products via the PSBA store.

Bespoke Store to Spend XP Points on PlayStation Products

Users needed a convenient way to use the points they had collected. We created a bespoke storefront that allowed PlayStation staff to list products, along with stock management and fulfilment management - and a mobile app and web experience that allowed users to spend their hard earned points on products.

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