Femme Luxe

A Magento powered mobile app for fashion retailer Femme Luxe

Femme Luxe Magento app

The Challenge

A custom ecommerce app to give flexibility and control

Before Femme Luxe approached us, they had a long history using off the shelf app builders to provide their customers with a mobile app. These providers were not flexible enough for the needs of the business, which had plans to scale their revenue on the back of customer engagement over the coming years.

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Working with Magento

Creating an app that is powered by Magento, from the ground up

Magento is a large, sometimes cumbersome ecommerce provider that, like most technology, has it's own quirks and ways of working that we needed to understand. We Worked alongside the appointed Magento team to tap into the Magento GraphQL API, This allowed us a direct link into the Magento instance - from here we had the freedom to build the app around the Magento storefront.

Project Highlights

Customisable Home UI

With fashion changing incredibly quickly, Femme Luxe required the app to have a fully customisable home interface to aid with marketing and communications. We build a bespoke page builder to give them the flexibility to change the pages layout and content in realtime.

Full Cross Platform Flutter App

The Femme Luxe app is built entirley in Flutter, this gives a new level of flexibility, time and cost savings over traditional native apps. Flutter allowed us to create one core codebase, and deploy that codebase acorss iOS and Android in minutes.

Fully Integrated With Magento

We used the standard Magento GraphQL API to power the app, this allowed us to communicate directly with the Magento storefront without the need for any additional middleware.

3rd Party Magento Plugin Compatable

The Femme Luxe Magento storefront has several 3rd party plugins powering and manipulating the standard data. We ensured that the app was able to consume this data to allow the app and website to operate harmoniously.

We are now working with Femme Luxe to further enhance their app offering over the coming years

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