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Increasing efficiency & reducing paperwork for AO Logistics

AO Logistics App driver crew management cms with work offers

The Challenge

Streamlining manual data collection

AO wanted to find a method of simplifying the way they collected delivery crews availability and distribute work. With multiple different out-bases across the UK each with slightly different processes, AO challenged us to unify all out-bases with the same process.

We took to the roads with AO crews to get a glimpse into their daily routines

Understanding the audience of the platform was vital to its success. Without the crews updating their availability for AO HQ to see, the platform was useless. We spent a day out and about with delivery drivers to see what made them tick, pain points and opportunities that we could use to make sure the app was useful and usable for them, both on-the-go or at home.

qbell mobile app developed by PixelBeard Liverpool based app developers.

The Solution

Seamless experience between App and Portal

We worked with AO staff and stakeholders to define the product specification - this ensured the product performed based around both the business requirements and user needs. The outcome is a fully integrated system between mobile app and portal that gives AO consistent reporting across all out-bases.

AO Logistics App driver crew management cms with work offers

AO now have full visibility across their entire logistics business in one place

Through the portal, AO admin's can manage, communicate, update and distribute work to delivery crews with just a few clicks. With regional separation for admins to only see the crews that matter to them, the system is dynamic to give AO flexibility for different scenarios.

Accessible anywhere PWA

AO Crews needed to have access to the app wherever they are. We used the latest in Progressive Web App technology to ensure the app can be used on any device.

Designed around AO

The app and admin portal was designed and developed specifically around AO's requirements. We conducted a series of stakeholder sessions and interviews before beginning the project.

Minimal interface

To ensure the app was usable by all, the interface is simplistic with little in the way of nuances. This keeps the cognitive overhead low for easy onboarding.

Key Achievements.

Unified the availability collection and work distribution for all outbases

Reduced paper waste

Reduced amount of man-hours needed for manual data collection and report building

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