Mobile app development

We use cutting edge app development frameworks and tools to create the most scalable and robust apps possible. Your business is unique, and so is our process - we use a core of an agile process that is adapted to match your individual requirements and ways of working.

Bespoke app development, focused on your needs

At PixelBeard, we pride ourselves on delivering an entirely customised service for every client we work with. This means that no matter what your needs are, your app will be built from the ground up with you in mind.
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Flutter Apps

Flutter is a framework created by Google and is designed to create apps for multiple platforms from one single codebase, fast. Flutter is a great candidate for 90% of apps and is our preferred platform of choice for mobile development as we can create apps for Android and iOS much faster than the native counterparts, passing that time and cost saving onto the client.

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Native Android Apps

Android devices have a massive share of the market, especially in developing markets. Native Android apps are created in a framework called Kotlin and much like Native iOS apps are great for those who have particularly graphical or resource intensive apps. A Kotlin app is also a great candidate for those only looking to release an Android app.

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Native iOS Apps

Native iOS apps are created using the Swift framework provided from Apple. Native iOS apps are great options for those who have a particularly resource intensive requirements such as a mobile game, 3d heavy app or image editor. Weather you have an existing native iOS app or are looking to create a brand new one, we can help.

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The Process

Build an industry leading mobile app

Our team of app developers have spent years perfecting their craft. With over 80 years combined experience, you are in safe hands when it comes to developing an app that makes a difference.

Discovery & Scoping

We begin by getting to know you, your business, goals and aspirations. This knowledge is collected into one core document we call the "Scope" - this then powers all our decisions and plans moving forward.

Design and system mapping

Design is a pivotal stage in the development of an app. We will work with you and your users to create an app that is both functional and beautiful.

App Development

App Development can be handled in a multitude of ways and frameworks. We will work with you to define the best frameworks for your business and work to execute code that is clean and scalable.

Testing & QA

Thorough testing & QA is done throughout the app development process. This ensures that the outcome is a secure, stable and reliable product.


Once your app is ready for launch, we will work with you to get everything ready and in place to launch with a bang. Our team will handle the submission and launch of the app to ensure the process is smooth.

Along side you from discovery, to launch and everything between

Our services give you a full package when it comes to app development. We will support you from initial conversation, scoping of your app, through to development and launch of your app. Our services are focused on providing everything you need to create an launch your app.

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