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The Anfield Wrap
The Anfield Wrap approached us to help them strategise and realise their desire to become a true mobile first business.
October 2018 - Present
The Anfield Wrap put out an APB for Digital Agency that could take the Wrap to the next level and turn a complicated offering into a seamless experience where fans could sate their football needs.

The business model for The Anfield Wrap is focused around member subscriptions, however, the method of subscribing and accessing content from TAW was by no means a simple process, spread across RSS Feeds, several websites and mediums - there was a clear need to simplify the process and consolidate efforts.



The first step in our journey with TAW was to immerse ourselves into their business, culture and processes (even down to how Neil likes his coffee). This process was vital for us to understand the key areas for improvement and also begin to build a picture of how the app will not only fit into the users life, but also the Anfield Wraps business.

We were presented a clear vision from the team, a bold, old school fanzine style with a hard edged attitude. The primary goal was to increase member subscriptions and encourage free users to try and buy premium 
monetised content.

The Anfield Wrap custom podcast player app

Creating the strategy

We quickly identified the shortcomings of the current platforms & processes. This allowed us to form a mobile strategy focusing around simplifying users access to The Anfield Wrap, removing all unnecessary processes (The RSS feed being one) and focus on platform scalability over the coming years.


The Apps

App-centric ecosystem - one central place for fans to access all the content.

A fully-featured bespoke media player with podcast downloads for off the grid listening, background play (for both podcasts and videos) so you can listen while you fiddle for the multi-tasker 

Token marketplace meaning that the casual listener can access premium content through in-app purchases

Streamlined, focused comms through push notifications so fans don’t miss a beat

The Anfield Wrap case study for the app

Token Marketplace and Wallet

To ensure that all users could access the content that is behind the paywall, we created a custom token based currency that allows unsubscribed users to purchase tokens, they can then use these tokens to unlock premium content regardless of their subscription level. We developed this functionality from the ground up and tailored it around The Anfield Wraps business model.

The Anfield Wrap custom wallet and tokens app


A fully bespoke CMS that collated the apps data for at a glance viewing. The portal allows admins to not only administer users, but also review deep system analytics and create custom push notifications for users.

Subs manager - ease of subscription set-up and simple subs system for fans, locking of content that enables a choice of subs offers for all needs and tastes

The Anfield Wrap custom app CMS and dashboard

Supporting post launch

The Anfield Wrap are now working with us to further their digital strategy over the coming years along with realigning their web presence to fall in line with the new digital strategy. Ongoing work is to create a harmonious ecosystem for users, no matter their touch point with The Anfield Wrap.

Key Achievements.

Implemented digital strategy

We have successfully implemented and continue to build upon a new mobile first digital strategy that has seen a marked improvement over user satisfaction in the months since launch. TAW the mobile platform is now the first port of call for the brand to give access to their content, with the brands marketing strategy now also focusing on the app ad a centre point for interaction.

20,000 users at launch

Within the first month we approached the 20k user milestone, many of which are paid subscribers.

1,600 5 star reviews

With almost 20% of users leaving reviews with an average of 4.9 stars, the app has improved the ease of interaction between The Anfield Wrap and its fanbase.

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