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Ellison Europe
Sizzix wanted a platform to empower their loyal customers to share and communicate with other arts & crafts fans along with encouraging prolonged engagement with the brand. This would also feed into the long term revenue generating model.
October 2017 - Present
The primary goal for the Sizzix platform was to create a platform and a strategy that enables Sizzix customers to have prolonged engagement with the brand. The engagement was to focus around the creations that customer makes with Sizzix products.

We analysed the customer base demographic to understand the different touch points we could leverage to ensure the app had the biggest impact. This insight allowed us to tailor the experience around how the customer wants to interact with Sizzix. This strategy was constructed of first creating a platform that provided value to the user - this would create an engaged and scalable platform and user base. The second phase will focus on revenue generation from the user base - this consists of implementing a shoppable native store to allow users to quickly purchase Sizzix products.


Delivering value with community engagement

It was evident that to achieve the goals set out, we needed more than a regular e-commerce experience. To understand how Sizzix could best engage and deliver value we needed to look at the demographic. The customers are craft fans, these customers love to share their creations and talk to other crafting folk about their handy work. We built up a clear path to sucsess, focusing on sharing and delivering value to the user by way of a platform for community engagement.

The Sizzix App user profile page

Defining the product

To define the products feature set, we first had to look at where the current user base existed and how they interact. The outcome of this research allowed to identify that the focus of the platform should be around projects or "Makes" as Sizzix refer to them.

Community interaction

The platform focuses on encouraging interaction between users. Users can interact via comments, likes and following other users.

Find inspiration

We created an easy and streamlined experience to allow users to easily find the content they are looking to create. Users can search via key words, products, by scanning a barcode or by "maker".

Build a following

We encourage users to follow each other, this then creates a tailored feed of all the activity from the users that you follow.


The Apps

We created both iOS & Android Native apps for this project. The apps allow users to:
- Create makes
- Upload images
- Search the Sizzix product database and attach Sizzix products to makes
- Add filters to images
- Upload questions and tips
- Comment on all content
- Save content offline for easy access
- Receive notifications if another user interacts with you

Amongst many other functions. This content provides the foundation of our digital strategy over the next 3+ years.

The Sizzix App custom image filters


We are supporting Sizzix through the growth of their digital infrastructure with the goal of increasing the revenue generation potential through the mobile app and further encourage longevity with their customer base over the years to come.

Sizzix app case study image showing comments, community feed and profile page

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