App Audit

Do you have an app that needs support? Would you like to have an independent review of the quality of your app? Our app audit service is designed to help you to understand the condition of your existing app and suggestions for how best to take the next steps in your app endeavour

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App rescue

Is your app project going off the rails? We offer an App Rescue service that will get you back on track. An app project can become problematic for many reasons, our App Rescue service is designed to help you understand the status of your app, condition of the codebase and remedial plan to get your business back on stable ground.

AO Logistics App driver crew management cms with work offers

Moving from your current provider

Moving from one partner to another need not be painful. Our team will help from start to finish, everything from auditing your existing tech stack, to migrating codebases and server infrastructure - and we don't need you to have any technical knowledge at all. We will liaise with your current provider to ensure that everything is transferred in a safe and timely manner.

AO Logistics App driver crew management cms with work offers

App Audit

If you are not a developer, it can be hard to understand the quality, integrity and scalability of your codebase. This can make growing your app, changing providers or planning new features difficult and risky. We offer an App Auditing service to help eliminate your unknowns and give you a firm foundation to build from. We will audit all areas of your app, from core codebase, to server infrastructure and everything in between - from here we can highlight any issues or areas for concern before creating a report of how to resolve them. This puts you back in the driving seat with all of the information you need to make the best decision for your business.

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The Process

We can audit any and all areas of your app

Our team of app developers and designers are on hand to review all areas of your app to assess the stability, scalability, usability and maintainability. We will work with you to understand your goals and the history of your app before beginning our indepth review process.

Architecture Review

The way your platform is constructed is as important as the code that is written. We will review the platform architecture to ensure that you are building on a firm foundation.

App Codebase Review

A well written app can save a multitude of complications over time. Our team will review your code for best practices, structure and maintainability, amongst other things.

API Review

The beating heart of most platforms is its API - and it is vital that this is capable to support you as your app grows. Our team of backend developers will review your API for areas such as security and scalability before creating a report on the overall condition and areas to improve.

UI/UX Review

Looking to understand how your app performs for users? Good UI/UX can determine if an app is successful or not - our team will review your app for usability, aesthetics and extendability, amongst many other key areas.

Server Infrastructure Review

Hosting is vital for ensuring that your app can be used by your users - if your app is running slow, going offline or costing you a fortune in hosting bills our team has you covered.

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